¡¡Tests Johnny´s!!

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Re: ¡¡Tests Johnny´s!!

Mensaje  Aya el Mar Jun 23, 2009 1:53 pm

XD está claro que estos tests son tan de fiar como el horóscopo


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Re: ¡¡Tests Johnny´s!!

Mensaje  karin el Dom Sep 06, 2009 2:01 pm

Qué diver, cómo me gustan estas cosas ^3^

~ ¿Qué tipo de fan eres?
You love KAT-TUN, NewS, Tackey & Tsubasa to bits... You're a normal teenage fangirl that follows the crowd. You love how those hot and sexy guys can attract your attention.. And you will never miss a chance to catch them half-naked.. Well.. Who can anyway?

Jujuju :(8F):

~ ¿Cuál Johnny sería tu pareja?Takahisa Masuda a.k.a Massu
He is a member of the group NewS. He is well known for his adorable smile and is very scared of bugs and dogs. His dream meeting with his dream girl is quote "At a festival, my friend brings some girl I don't know over and I feel like I've seen her somewhere. Then I remember that she was the girl that bumped into me and we exchanged "Sorry"s before. But I don't mention it until after, when we're all alone.

~ ¿Qué miembro de News sería tu pareja?
You got Tegoshi!! You are sooo lucky!! Watch your back though.. Not only the hirls are after him.. EVEN THE GUYS!! They might have thought he was a girl! ^_^ You guys will make a fun and loving couple! <3

Yaaaay! :(kya):

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Re: ¡¡Tests Johnny´s!!

Mensaje  caramelo el Sáb Sep 04, 2010 11:11 am

¿qué clase de fan eres?
You prefer to listen to the older Johnny's boys like SMAP, Kinki Kids, V6... And you do not know much about the younger generation of Johnny's boys.. Why should you bother if you already have the older boys to keep you company anyway? But the younger generation do have talents too..
¿qué johnny sería tu novio?
yuichi nakamaru 0_0, ni sé quién es
¿quién eres de arashi?
You like natural lovers like Aiba!
If you are together with Aiba-kun, you'll never feel alone or bored. His cute and active soul will show you many things. Sometimes you can also forget, that he is a member of a boygroup until he writes a new lovesong for you.
no me quejo
¿qué arashi eres?
You're SATOSHI (alias Oh-chan) OHNO!! You are the fearless (what? fearless? :p) leader of ARASHI, you are the epitome of entertainment, and not to mention you are the ideal son for all the wonderful, loving mothers around the world! You can sing, you can dance, you can make people smile, and your intense CAPOEIRA skills would make evildoers feel completely intimidated by YOU!


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Re: ¡¡Tests Johnny´s!!

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Contenido patrocinado

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